The VMR – Racist ‘Call Out’ Rant

The Visible Minority Report

Check out our latest RANT as we discuss a very awkward racist comment made on the set of Psych.

You won’t believe it when you find out who made the comment!

Thanks for listening! #BOOM

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By divinadol

The 17th Annual Webby Awards

Jane Kratochvil Photography / Blog

WebbyAwards_Cipriani2013_JKratochvil_8160I had the privilege of shooting The 17th Annual Webby Awards at Cipriani in New York City last night.  It was an amazing evening  (spending most of my time backstage) complete with hearing Colin Quinn whisper into Jerry Seinfeld’s ear before going onstage “Hey, what are your five words?” …  enduring Kevin Spacey yelling at me … and of course meeting the ever lo

vable Fred Armisen, a true gentleman!  More to come!

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By divinadol