My Movies and TV shows

My Movies and TV shows

All of the movies and tv shows I enjoy watching. Not all my choices are there but the majority are in it.
I enjoy watching shows and movies that captivate my interest and don’t bore me to death. I’m not such a fan of Reality show but I do have a couple that I watch in occasions. For example, The Celebrity Apprentice, The Amazing Race, America’s Got talent , Survivor , Top chef and several more.

However, my keen interest are dramas, police procedurals, comedies and one exception of a horror show like Bates Motel.
As well, I support the Broadway business like Playbill and the Old Vic Theater that really showcase amazing and talented performers and actors/actress.

In any case, what makes me watch all these selection is in all due credit to the writers and cast who create and deliver amazing performance & or story that really pull you in and make you feel the experience that they want to convey to the audience.
For that reason,watching tv shows and movies for me is not just for the fun of watching but its really to have an experience with all the various characters and themes that the medium tries to convey to us viewers. 🙂

Anyways, that’s my take!:)